Beach and Play


Perfect to keep your little one entertained and rolling around on wheels at that in-between stage of crawling and walking!

  • Use the walker only if the child meets ALL of the following conditions:
    - Can sit up by himself or herself (approximately six months of age)
    - Cannot walk by themselves
    - Weights less than 26lbs/12kg
  • Never leave child unattended. Always keep child in view while in walker
  • The child will be able to move rapidly when in the walker
  • Clean friction components regularly to maintain stopping performance
  • Allow child to use walker only for short periods of time (20 minute intervals)
  • STAIR HAZARD: Avoid serious injury or death. Block stairs/steps securely before using walker
  • Use only on flat surfaces free of objects that could cause the walker to tip over
  • To avoid burns, keep the child away from hot liquids, oven ranges, radiators, space heaters, fireplaces and any other hot surfaces
  • Keep all electrical components and other potential hazards out of reach. The child will be able to reach objects previously out of reach
  • Prevent collisions with doors, windows and furniture