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Family beach day

Family beach day

That's why you are here right? Take the family down to one or all of our gorgeous beaches we have to offer. Depending on the weather you could choose main beach, Tallows, The Pass, Clarkes, Sunrise, Belongil, Watego's or little Watego's!

Our pick this year would haver to be The Pass, it can be challenging at times to find a park, but if you get down there early enough or later in the Summer evenings and have a little patience you'll get one! Otherwise park at the top of the hill and walk down the track with the pram.

It's generally protected from strong winds and there some shade along the top, it can be handy to hire one of our umbrellas or beach shelters to escape the sun at times.

Another huge convenience is the amazing team at The Pass cafe just up from the beach you can walk up and grab a coffee and lunch to dine in or take down to the water with you.